Our Mission

Deliver superior investment returns to our investors while creating positive social and environmental impact

About North Sky Capital

North Sky was founded in 2000 and has raised more than $1.3 billion of investor commitments. Since 2003, we have been playing an innovative and leadership role in the impact investment marketplace. We work arm-in-arm with our clients to identify and invest in companies and infrastructure projects that make the world a better place. We seek to create a positive impact by stimulating social and environmental change while generating strong financial returns.

In 2005, North Sky launched the first impact fund of funds in North America and we have continued to innovate in this market, launching the first impact secondaries fund in 2013. Today, our Clean Growth Funds are the leading liquidity providers to impact investors worldwide. Please click here to learn more about our Clean Growth secondaries funds.

During the Global Financial Crisis, we identified an opportunity to invest in clean energy infrastructure projects in North America, while also creating high-paying construction jobs for electricians, carpenters, operating engineers, machinists, steelworkers, plumbers & pipefitters and other hard-working Americans and Canadians. We raised our first Alliance infrastructure fund in 2010 and have since created ~2.6GW of new clean power generation and storage capacity in North America. Please click here to learn more about our Alliance infrastructure funds.

Together with our clients, we have created one of the most well-diversified and highly-impactful investment platforms focused on private markets in North America. We continue to collaborate with our clients to do even greater things tomorrow.



Established Team

First of Five Private Equity Fund of Funds

(PEP I - V)


Became a Registered Investment Advisor


Began Researching Cleantech Sector


Cleantech I

Impact fund of funds


Cleantech II

Impact fund of funds


Alliance Fund I

Clean energy infrastructure

Spun out of Piper Jaffray

Changed name to North Sky Capital


Clean Growth Fund III

Impact secondaries fund


Alliance Fund II

Clean energy infrastructure


Clean Growth Fund IV

Impact secondaries fund


Clean Growth Fund V

Impact secondaries fund